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"Janna is brilliant at telling exactly where suffering ends and drama begins. Instead of just feeling what we feel – i.e. fear, sadness, anger – and then let go of these feelings, we all have a tendency to dramatizing, and thus to extend and prolong our suffering. Worse, this unnecessary suffering then auto-perpetuates, and stands in the way of wellbeing and achievement.

Through Janna’s teaching of how to recognize my inner drama queen, I have learned to go through difficult experiences without dramatizing – which allows me to learn from, and then let go of the experience much more easily.” - Anita, Author


"Janna has been the best coach I could ever have hoped for." - Walpurga, Author


"Janna is a very insightful, empathic and sharp person and finds the core of your struggle right away. She has a skill to simplify things and gives you tools to stay focused. She supports and challenges you in a really good and human way. It is refreshing to have new perspectives on things and to have a coach who understands that we all are bit different. She inspires me and that helps me to grow on a personal level and from there I get my business bloomig." - Jatta Grims, entrepreneur CEO