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About us

Our mission


We coach you as a whole person and offer as well to develop your business. We do this in a holistic way and the goal is for you to be able to act from your inner compass, your inner wisdom in all parts of your life. You will be able to trust your intuition and never again say ‘I knew it’.

We become your holistic coach, we hold everything that is needed for your well-being together so that you can live your life as you want. This can be about your roll at work, as a family member, as a friend or acquaintance, as part of society etc.

Like a ‘human renovation’ we define areas that need to be overlooked, changed, built up or strengthened. By becoming aware, we can create a plan and will support you through


the whole process.


We coach the whole you and train you to be aware and conscious of your surroundings in every moment. And you will be able to act based on your inner compass in every meeting. You will understand your mental progams, how you speak to yourself and you will learn strategies to adapt. We guide you to tell your story which you connect to your personal and worklife related 'Why?' . This work is based on the research and tools of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). 

We even can help you to define vision, mission and goals both in your professional and your private live. 


Our target group


Are you in a phase of change? Are you standing at a turning point? Do you face a challenge or a conflict situation? Are you a newly appointed leader?


Janna Krumm, MA, has many years experience in global leader- and sales responsibilty, people management, business development in Sweden, the Nordics and Europe in larger and smaller organisations. This business and corporate experience is the foundation with the interplay of NLP to offer business and personal coaching of highest class. 

We can include physical aspects based on the experience of endurance training, yoga teacher competency and meditation.

'Two truths approach each other.

One comes from inside,

the other from outside, and where they meet

we have a chance to catch sight of ourselves.'

– Tomas Tranströmer

Please watch the film 'Intuition - vår värdefulla kunskap' with Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir:

or 'Innsaei - the power of intuition':