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Holistic coaching

Know your inner compass

The goal of our holistic coaching is for you to be able to act and live with your inner compass and wisdom as your guide. We train you to be aware and conscious of your surroundings in every moment. You will understand your mental progams, how you speak to yourself and you will learn strategies to change. We find your own story which you connect to your personal and worklife related 'Why?' This work is based on the research and tools of mental training & Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. 

We help you to define vision, mission and goals both in your professional and your private live. 


"Janna has been the best coach I could ever have hoped for."


"Through careful listening, she always knew exactly what my needs were at any time: whether to hold my hand through a difficult experience, or whether to gently nudge me in the backside - or a bit of both :-)"


"Fantastisk helhetscoaching om du vill hitta ny kraft att utvecklas och växa privat eller i din professionella verksamhet."


"Janna is a very insightful, empathic and sharp person and finds the core of your struggle right away.

Look a long time at what pleases you,  

and longer still at what pains you. 

Sidonie Colette